Fat White Family @ The Hope, Brighton.

This Web-site features images and video of the Fat White Family, shot by Lou Smith.

It is not an official Fat White Family site, but it is the most concentrated collection of photos and videos of the band on the planet!

I have followed and documented the Fats since their early acoustic gigs of 2011 and have been fortunate to witness the rise one of the most exciting bands of recent times at close quarters.

All images on this site are copyright Lou Smith / Lou Smith Media except the Pigsickle Fat White Family logo copyright Robert RubbishFat White Family.

All Photographs published on this site are Copyright Lou Smith/ lousmithmedia.com.

I have Posted these images at a large size and without watermarks to maximise viewer enjoyment.

Please feel free to Enjoy, Comment and share images with your friends using a link to this site.

Please ask for permission before any commercial use including use in blogs, reviews or to promote events.

Use of images for these purposes must include the photo credit: ©Lou Smith and the link: http://lousmithmedia.com/


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