Slide-Out, Fat White Family, The Chins, Zoetrope, Slim Customers. Queen’s Head, Brixton

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ZOETROPE : The most important girl group since the raincoats. Stunningly engaging on sonic, literary, and physical levels. 

THE CHINS : Goliaths of pure noise. This band will send your conciousness tumbling through an eternal winter of heavenly discontent. Dress warm.

SLIM CUSTOMERS : The best band we have seen so far this year.

5 ROBERT RUBBISH FANS CAN’T BE WRONG : What can i say that hasn’t already been said about these artists? Power so fluid in its form that it reaches and then settles into any spcae, regardless of it’s shape. If music were mercury, this band would be mercury.


DJ BIG AL : Al is no stranger to pleasure, and is nobody’s fool. Expect.

DJ DAVE MANKIND/TRANSCODA : The best Dj we have heard so far this year. RENO RENO RENO!!


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